Product Samples

Simple Samples

发送 trial-sized product samples (also known as marketing parcels) is one of the most effective ways to engage your potential customers. With Simple Samples®, you can send free samples by mail to either targeted households or every door in a market area—without outer packaging.


  • Flat Rate pricing
  • Less stringent mailpiece preparation requirements
  • No outer packaging needed
  • Volume discounts

How Pricing Works

  • 价格 based on the size of the mailed sample: small or large.
  • No minimum quantities required per route.
  • Requires a Detached Marketing Label (DML) or Detached Address Label (DAL).
  • Every Door Direct 邮件® samples require a simplified address of a "Postal Customer". Additional DAL ($0.075) or DML ($0.100) fees apply.
Simple Samples 价格 Every Door Direct 邮件

Available Formats

Simplest format for mailing small samples. Great for things like shampoo, toothpaste, or breath strips.

信 Sample 价格

Size Requirements

最低 3″ x 5″
最大 6″ x 11″
马克斯. 厚度 1/4″

Automated Flat

For rectangular mailpieces in a range of sizes. Pieces must be flexible, 半扁平, and of uniform thickness so they fit through automated processing equipment. Great for things like toilet paper, software (CD/DVD), tissue, or trash bags.

Marketing 邮件 Automated Flats
Commercial Flats 价格

Size Requirements

最低 5″ x 6″
最大 12″ x 15″
马克斯. 厚度 3/4″

Marketing Parcel

For small parcels that weigh under 16 oz. To send marketing parcels, you must have an alternative addressing format such as "Postal Customer" or "Residential Customer". Great for things like cereal, diapers, coffee, granola bars, or razors.

Marketing 邮件 Details
Marketing Parcel 价格

Size Requirements

最低 3″ x 5″
最大 9″ x 12″
马克斯. 厚度 2″